April 3, 2018

Results and Notable Cases

  • Defense:
  • Representing a Respondent: Civil Harassment Restraining Order DENIED. Successfully argued that the petitioner failed to establish a “course of conduct” as required by the statute. The course of conduct must be ongoing at the time injunction is sought in order to obtain injunctive relief under harassment statute, and a single incident of harassment does not constitute a course of conduct entitling the applicant to injunctive relief.  LE v. TG
  • Representing a Respondent: Domestic Violence Restraining Order DENIED. Petitioner claimed the respondent raped and sexually assaulted her. With an extensive investigation, we successfully proved that the sexual encounter was consensual. Petitioner failed to show “abuse” as defined in the family code. DR v. PC
  • Representing a Respondent: Domestic Violence Restraining Order DENIED and TRO DISMISSED. Petitioner alleged the respondent harassed the petitioner by telephone with repeated called from blocked phone numbers, sent harassing emails, stalked petitioner of social media, and left inappropriate gifts on petitioners porch. DD v. MW
  • Representing a Respondent: Successfully negotiated for the petitioner to DROP the case. The petitioner alleged inappropriate sexual conduct by the respondent towards a family member. NL v. ML
  • Request:
  • Representing a Petitioner: Domestic Violence Restraining order GRANTED.  Argued on behalf of the client that the wife/respondent illegally stalked the client with means a tracking device installed on the vehicle.