October 13, 2015

Restraining Order Defense

Beating DV Restraining Orders in California
  • From the creator of the most watched restraining order video on YouTube. The video gained over 600,000 impressions and over 63,000 views. Anton Vialtsin published a 10-page guide on Beating DV Restraining Orders in California.
  • The guide discusses the burden of proof that the petitioner needs to meet and the types of “abuse” covered by the restraining order statutes/codes, including a number of relevant California cases as examples. Finally, the ten-page guide provides tips on writing a powerful response to the petition.
  • An instant email with PDF Guide download $19.99

How can we help?

  1. Provide a FREE consultation and restraining order evaluation,
  2. Prepare the Restraining Order packet,
  3. Assist in preparing an affidavit/declaration,
  4. Collect all necessary supporting documents,
  5. Present the information to the judge in the best light,
  6. Represent you at the court hearing, and
  7. Best of all, we have a simple FLAT-FEE payment structure.

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