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Domestic Violence

Court order issued to prevent the recurrence of acts of abuse by a batterer. Relationship: Husband or wife, or ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or other relative.

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Civil Harassment

The person and the victim do not have close family or domestic relationship. Neighbor, roommate, co-worker, or a stranger.

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Sexual Abuse Tort Lawsuits

Trial Attorneys at LAWSTACHE™ LAW FIRM advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation. We are committed to protecting adults and children by exposing predators and holding those responsible for protecting these individuals accountable. Sexual abuse may occur at schools, college campuses, churches, hospitals, camps, youth sports leagues, and other facilities. Before filing a civil restraining order against the perpetrator, please call our experienced attorneys to discuss your case in confidence.

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Restraining Order Defense

Do not become a victim of an unwarranted restraining order! Restraining orders impact your personal, social, and business life. It can even land you in jail.

We make it simple! LAWSTACHE™ attorneys will handle your responses, file them with the court on your behalf, serve the opposing party, and represent you in the Superior Court. We have a simple FLAT-RATE. Call 619-357-6677 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys.

How can we help?

  • We can evaluate your case over the phone or during a confidential in-house consultation.

  • Prepare the Restraining Order court packet. We assist in preparing all affidavits and declarations. Collect all necessary supporting documents. Present the information to the judge in the best light.

  • You'll be represented by an experienced professional in court. You are not entitled to a free court-appointed lawyer in restraining order cases but having a lawyer represent you is a good idea. Having an attorney clearly puts you in an advantage.

  • After evaluating your case, our trial attorney will provide you with a fee estimate. We represent individuals in restraining order litigation on a flat-fee basis. No retainers. No hourly fees. Only a clear understanding on how much it's going to cost you to have a professional representation. *Military Discount - Thank you for your service.

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